Inspire Mae

I am just your average college girl wanting to share my experience with the world. I hope you come along with us on my journey.

How can I help save the planet?

I do not know about you but I am always worried about how much of a carbon footprint I have. I also worry about the products that I buy. I have been trying to become more eco friendly with my day to day life. I am working extremely hard on getting rid of single use…

Do I really need to budget in my twenties?

Let’s talk budgeting! I promise you it will not be scary. I know you are in your twenties but it is never too late to start. It is okay if you are scarred. I was to when I first started and had no where to go; but I am here to help you understand and…

Essential Oils Who?

Disclaimer: I am just your average college student that has been using essential oils now for about a year and would love to share my journey. I am not a medical doctor. Let’s talk about essential oils. I know not everyone uses them or even understands how they are used while that is why I…

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