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8 Quarantine Favorites

Okay so I honestly thought that this quarantine or safer at home would be over. But it is not, here are ten of my favorite products that have helped me get through quarantine. Champagne Toast Candle Oh my this candle is my favorite smelling candle that comes from Bath and Body Works. It has madeContinue reading “8 Quarantine Favorites”

Essential Oils Who?

Disclaimer: I am just your average college student that has been using essential oils now for about a year and would love to share my journey. I am not a medical doctor. Let’s talk about essential oils. I know not everyone uses them or even understands how they are used while that is why IContinue reading “Essential Oils Who?”

Overcoming Dyslexia

In elementary school I thought that I was just slow and stupid and could not read. No matter how hard I would try to read it would be very difficult. I was always in the lower reading level groups. Whenever popcorn reading would happen in class I dreaded it and would always try to readContinue reading “Overcoming Dyslexia”

Counting Calories?

Disclaimer: I am no way a fitness or health coach, I am just your everyday college student trying to help people live a healthy and fit lifestyle. All links that I used for research will be linked below. I always hear the “healthy lifestyle” but what does that truly mean? Does it mean that IContinue reading “Counting Calories?”

Meal Time

Disclaimer: I am no way a health nutritionist or personal trainer I am just your average college girl trying to make a healthy change for her body. Alright, let’s just jump into this. Yes I am 19 years old and yes I want to live a healthy life style. I want to start feeling healthyContinue reading “Meal Time”


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