8 Quarantine Favorites

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Okay so I honestly thought that this quarantine or safer at home would be over. But it is not, here are ten of my favorite products that have helped me get through quarantine.

  1. Champagne Toast Candle
    • Oh my this candle is my favorite smelling candle that comes from Bath and Body Works. It has made my room smell cozy.
  2. Clear Proof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask
    • This mask has saved my life, I have always had blemishes and black heads on my face. This mask has helped cleanse out my pores and make my face feel fresh and clean. I honestly love this mask and it is one of my favorite.
  3. Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion Healing
    • I love this lotion! This lotion has really helped keep my skin moisturized and looking fresh during this crazy time. This is a thick moisturizer but I personally love thick moisturizers because I feel that I have dry skin and it really soaks into my skin.
  4. C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm No. 306
    • This has been my favorite lip balm that I have ever tried. It has really helped keep my lips moisturized longer. I would say that I do not feel the need to apply it every hour. I apply it once to twice a day and it is amazing.
  5. IPSY Glam Bag
    • Okay so during quarantine I have been at home and I love trying new products to see what I like and especially masks because I have really dry skin and I love a good deal. So there are a few different options you can get the IPSY Glam Bag which is $12 a month but you get five deluxe samples; which comes out to a retail value of $50+The IPSY Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month and you get five full size product; which comes to a retail value of $120+. The IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month and you get eight full size products and four deluxe samples; which comes out to a retail value of $250 +.
  6. Paper Studio Planner
    • So I do not know about you but while I was taking online classes for college and just for my work schedule and appointments I needed a planner that I was able to throw in my bag and bring it with me. I also do not like wasting a planner if I know I will not be using it for a while. I love getting a planner binder that I can reuse for years and years until I need a new one. Personally I just buy a new planner pages into it every year. I also love these planner binders because I am able to customize my planner the way that I want to. Or if I want to add more pages in my notes section I can and do not need to worry about if it looks okay or not.
    • Planner Pages
    • Planner Binder
  7. Mid – Size Crossbody Bag- A New Day
    • So I am not a big purse person but I needed something that would fit my planner, sunglasses, keys and wallet. This was the perfect size and I am starting to love purses because I do not always need to have pockets to put my keys, wallet and phone in.
  8. AirPods
    • So you do not need to have AirPods I just love them because I have Apple products and I have found it easier to blue tooth them to my devices. But with my family staying home and everyone needing to be on their laptops for school it was hard to find a place where I could talk with my teachers and my class in quiet and be able to hear them. I highly recommend blue tooth head phones because if you have more than one device you are able to easily able to switch from device to device.

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