How can I help save the planet?

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I do not know about you but I am always worried about how much of a carbon footprint I have. I also worry about the products that I buy. I have been trying to become more eco friendly with my day to day life. I am working extremely hard on getting rid of single use plastics in my life. I have also been trying to shop brands that I know will help marine life or just the planet in general. I feel like if I do my part to make the world a better place by reducing my carbon footprint it will in turn help. I know that just me reducing my carbon footprint will not reverse all of the problems of the world. But it is a start right?

Brands That Give Back

Here are the two brands that I have personally found that I have feel in love with both their products and also their messages.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida works with many different charities from cancer awareness to environmental causes, health awareness, animal awareness and humanity causes. For each bracelet that they sell under their charity section, 5% of each bracelet sold goes to the charity that was selected for that specific bracelet.

These bracelets are also very affordable. For example:

This bracelet right here is $6 and 5% of the purchase price is donated to 1% for the Planet.

Sand Cloud

FYI: this link gives us both a discount

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