Essential Oils Who?

Disclaimer: I am just your average college student that has been using essential oils now for about a year and would love to share my journey. I am not a medical doctor.

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Let’s talk about essential oils. I know not everyone uses them or even understands how they are used while that is why I am here to help you. I use the brand Doterra, and I am in love with them. You could call me crazy but I do not know how I lived before essential oils.

Okay so my must have oils are Lemon, Peppermint, and On Gaurd. I am in love with these oils.


Lemon in general has cleaning agents and it also purifies surfaces and the air. Another benefit of lemon is that it gives you a healthy boost when you have a long day; helps with digestion. You are also able to use it in your cooking and water (however make sure that you are drinking from a glass or metal water bottle when adding in your essential oils). Please only consume the essential oils from Doterra that have food labels on them.

Some ways that I use Lemon essential oils:

  1. In my diffuser to help purify the air around me
  2. Put Lemon essential oils in a roller bottle with On Guard and apply it to the bottom of my feet before I go to bed
  3. Add a drop or two of Lemon into my water to change it up
    • I get tired of drinking just water and do not like all the sugars in fruit juices
  4. Add some drops to a spray bottle with water in it and use it to clean tables and countertops


I do not know about you but I suffer from migraines and headaches on a daily basis right now because I am recovering from a concussion. I regularly have headaches and migraines at least twice a week and let me tell you Peppermint essential oil has saved my life. I am not a big fan of taking medicine unless I absolutely need to take it.

Let’s talk benefits of Peppermint essential oils shall we. A huge plus is that Peppermint essential oil helps to repel bugs NATURALLY! Yes you heard it here naturally. It also helps to promote digestive health (when taken internally). I also love using Peppermint essential oils to help aid in reducing my headaches.

Some ways that I use Peppermint essential oils:

  1. I love to use it in my diffuser when I am getting ready for bed. I feel that when I use this essential oil it puts me in a happy mood (due to the fact that I love the smell of peppermint.
  2. Add to a roller bottle and I apply it to my temples when I feel a headache coming on.

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