Counting Calories?

Disclaimer: I am no way a fitness or health coach, I am just your everyday college student trying to help people live a healthy and fit lifestyle. All links that I used for research will be linked below.

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I always hear the “healthy lifestyle” but what does that truly mean? Does it mean that I only need to eat fruits and vegetables for the rest of my life? Do I need to work out everyday for an hour? Do I need to cut out all sugars? Do I need to restrict my calories? Do I need to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment? What kind of gym membership do I need to buy?

I do not know about you but these are all the questions that I asked myself when I wanted to start living a healthy lifestyle. I thought that I was going to need to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and memberships that I knew I was not going to stick with. I knew that if I started a diet that was so strict that I only ate fruits and vegetables and meat and rice every day I would fail and go back to my old ways. I decided that the best way for me to understand what in the world a healthy lifestyle is. I was going to need to do some research. But the nice thing about me doing all the research is that you do not have to. It is all in one place for you and I really hope that it helps you start your journey on a healthy lifestyle.


Let’s start off with talking about the ever so dreaded CALORIES. I know, I know this is something that people do not want to talk about but it is so important in everyones day to day lives. Do you know on average how many calories you should eat a day? Well the good news is neither did I until I did some research. I found that on average an adult female should have around 2,000 calories a day and on average an adult male should have around 2,500 calories (these numbers are not set in stone, there are also some factors that come in to play such as age, weight hight and much more). But please do not let this number scare you. I know that if I start to count my calories I will become obsessed with counting them and I will not get the nutrients that I need to fuel my body. But please do remember that if you want to lose weight and reduce your calorie intake to not starve yourself there are many different ways that you can reduce your calories without starving yourself.

Ways to limit calories without starving yourself:

  1. Drink tons of water
  2. Lower carb intake
  3. Exercise
  4. More protein intake

If you are interested in why I do not count my calories click here. Sarah’s Day is one of my favorite influencers. I know not many people like the word influencers but please hear me out. I honestly love how down to Earth she is and how she is helping others get to a healthy lifestyle. She is one of the main reasons why I started my journey on a healthy lifestyle. I also love her motto, “Listen to your body”, and “Act confident and no-one will question you.”

Links I used:

How Many Calories Should You Eat per Day to Lose Weight?


Should You Track Macros and Calories

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